Pristine, original, unopened cases of fine wines are always great for collecting as it often gives a greater assurance over the quality and condition of your bottles. A full case of wines also means that you're committing to a lot of the same wine.

If that commitment isn't what you're ready for then these special collectors' assortment cases released by the wineries are just perfect for those who wish to enjoy the various nuances in either vineyard or vintage in one single artistic case. Whether you choose to keep this in your cellar or send it as a gift to friends who are also wine-lovers, these rare cases will always make great additions to any cellar.

* Please note that these cases vary in how many bottles are in them.  They also vary in whether the case is wooden or cardboard. We have done our best to describe the contents to you on this website but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us at by email at