Domaine de Comte Abbatucci




Introducing Domaine de Comte Abbatucci


Dear Friends,

We are pleased to introduce Domaine de Comte Abbatucci to our exclusive portfolio. They are recognised as one of the important growers in Corsica, not just for their history in winemaking, but also their family name - those who have travelled to Corisica before will notice the many monuments adorned with the name General Jean-Charles Abbatucci, a hero of the French Revolution and comrade in arms of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Today, the Domaine's founder Antoine Abbatucci and his son Jean-Charles, both direct descendants of the General, are both recognised as local heroes in their own right. It is thanks to Antoine that Corsica can boast such a beautiful mosaic of local varieties such as Nielluciu, Vermentinu, Sciaccarellu, Codivarta, Aléatico, Barbarossa, Montanaccia to name just a few. He travelled the islands around the 1960s talking to local farmers and taking cuttings of these ancient and forgotten varietals that were often planted in forgotten corners on their lands. As the collections of cuttings grew, as did his vine nursery which has helped save many of these native plants from extinction. And by doing so, it has allowed his son Jean-Charles the opportunity to study these varieties at length and experiment with planting them onto old rootstocks with tremendous success. 

Guided by biodynamic viticulture and certified in 2006, Jean-Charles is known for his unorthodox measures such as bringing traditional Corsican singers into his vineyards to serenade his plants. These are very much thought-provoking wines that offer tremendous complexity but very enjoyable immediately too. As David Schildknecht of The Wine Advocate says “collectively, Abbatucci’s wines will stretch your palate, your imagination, and even your notions about what wine is or can be. (And you’ll have fun drinking them.)”.

Cheers & Happy Hunting