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Validity till 26 Apr 2024

‘Negociant of the Year’ in 2021 by La Revue du Vin de France

With the warmer summer sun finally arriving, we find ourselves increasingly drawn towards some lighter-styled wines to help cool off. Going a little off-piste, a lightly chilled Beaujolais seems to be in order, and we have our eyes on “Negociant of the Year” Jane Eyre’s Julienas 2021. This fragrant, velvety classic is just perfect for the outdoors, with its soft tannins, refreshing acidity, and lovely bramble fruit making it so easy to enjoy on its own.


Validity till 23 Apr 2024

Audeant: May they dare, may they venture, may they risk

Audeant is a winery driven by a strong motto to be daring, adventurous and to take risks. Founded in 2016 by Teal Walker. Walker was in the technology industry but was inspired by her love of wine and in Oregon and decided to take the plunge. Her first vintage followed soon after where she was led by winemaker Andrew Riechers who is known for her expertise in Burgundian varietals.

The winery initially produced 400 cases, focusing on the Jory (Volcanic) soils of the Dundee Hills. Today, they produce around 1500 cases of Chardonnay, Rosé, and Pinot Noir, showcasing their low intervention winemaking style and the unique qualities of Nysa and Luminous vineyards. Audeant has gained a reputation for producing age-worthy Pinot Noirs, and we are excited to introduce the wines to you.


Validity till 20 Apr 2024

Barolo – A Treasure Trove of Back Vintages

Traditionally, when we think of elegance and terroir, Burgundy tends to spring to mind. When we think of long-term cellaring, Bordeaux is our first thought. Barolo, however, seem to strike that fine balance between the two. With the diverse terroir, the careful delineation of vineyards, and wisdom of winemaking passed down through generations, there is a strong resemblance to the values inherited in Burgundy. But with the incredible structure and acidity that Nebbiolo naturally presents, it gives many of these wines an incredibly long life and the cellaring capability on par or even beyond Bordeaux.


Validity till 18 Apr 2024

Hubert Lignier: Discover the taste of MSD

Hubert Lignier, a fourth-generation winery rooted in family tradition, transformed this vineyard into a legendary establishment. However, tragedy struck when Romain, a brilliant fifth-generation winemaker, managed the vineyard well but unfortunately passed away in 2004. His wife, Kellen, fiercely contested ownership of the vineyard, resulting in a decade-long argument and the division of the renowned Clos de la Roche.

Determined to preserve their legacy, Hubert and his son, Laurent, sustained the winery by purchasing grapes from 2006 to 2013. Gladly, in 2014, an agreement was reached, reuniting all the vineyards and bringing harmony to the once-divided estate.


Validity till 16 Apr 2024

Bourgogne – from everyday drinking to the exceptional

When it comes to Bourgogne wines, they are our typical “go-to” bottles for those casual nights in, or when drinking wines from a new producer they are great for getting familiar with their style of winemaking. These inexpensive wines are normally easy to drink, doesn’t require long-aging in bottle, and often coming from the same vineyards that the domains put their uncompromising effort in farming but haven’t made the cut into the high standards they put in their more prestigious appellations. 


Validity till 9 Apr 2024

Yann Durieux: Discover one of the most sought after natural fine wines

We are all aware that "natural wine" no longer equates to funky and inexpensive. Among the shining labels that proudly grace the middle rack of your wine fridge, there may be esteemed natural fine wines such as Prieure Roch and Federic Cossard. But have you heard of Yann Durieux?

After 10 years as the head winemaker of Prieure Roch, Yann Durieux decided to make his own wines in 2010 in a lesser-known region of Burgundy called the Haute Cote de Nuits where DRC is a neighbour.

In a rebellious move, Yann deliberately choses to downgrade all his wines to the lowest French classification, Vin de France, granting him the freedom to cultivate and create wines without restrictions. And as Vin de France regulations do not require vintage disclosure, Yann has chosen to conceal the vintage on the back label.


Validity till 7 Mar 2024

95+ Points Wines Under $1500

We have selected a shiny list of highly rated wines under $1500 from our cellar. The list includes iconic producers in classic regions such as Champagne, Burgundy, Loire, Mosel, Barolo, Tuscany and Oregon. The producers are all benchmark names of their areas and produce wines with personality, structure and finesse.

It is so great to see that these wines are not exploding in prices like other wineries in the past decade. In this market, we believe that the list of wines includes immense value and are full of delicious bottles for the dinner table.