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With a diverse wine list of over 30,000 bottles stored perfectly in our state-of-the-art facilities in Hong Kong, we have a wine for you. Whether you are looking for a wine to enjoy at home, or for your next gathering, or perhaps you’re looking for a wine for your cellar, all our wines are ready for the next day delivery.

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Benchmark Bottles & Fresh New Discoveries

You will find our wines featured on the best wine lists in town. Since 2010, Ginsberg+Chan has been serving Hong Kong and the surrounding region by offering what we love most about wine from the mature, fine and rare to the new, young and exciting. Our broad wine list carries wines that are benchmark bottles, vintages to reference time & time again, as well as a host of fresh discoveries waiting to surprise. A reflection of the wine world today.

Provenance & Ownership

Over the years, we have developed a network of reliable supplier relationships to ensure we source only the best wines, in terms of quality, price and provenance. All wines listed, we own and we stand behind every bottle.


Every bottle is thoroughly inspected and photographed before delivering on to any of our clients. From the point of our purchase, every wine will be examined with a critical view towards provenance. We reduce risk by working only with people we trust. We examine every bottle that we purchase and there are various members on our team that have been trained with authenticating bottles, labels and corks with the latest technology to ensure that all older wines are real.

Customer Service

We are a team of wine lovers focusing on our customer’s needs. Most of our team have their WSET certification or have worked in the field long enough that there is practical experience & knowledge to serve you. We have been awarded and recognized by our peers and by our customers locally and globally and we hope to continue to stand by that reputation. Let us know what you are looking by contacting us.

Wine Advice

We love sharing our knowledge and we’re opinionated about our passion in wine! Ask us for advice on buying wines for your dinner, your fridge, a special event or if you’re looking at wines from an investment angle.We love to talk about wine but we promise not to overwhelm you.Let us know how we can help.

Wine Storage

Do you have an insatiable wine buying habit? We can relate.If you have run out of room, and need to store your wines, let us know. We can help.

Selling Your Wines

Do you need to simplify your wine life? Reach out to us. We are always looking for well-stored wine collections and enjoy being connected to other wine collectors. We can examine & valuate your wine collection and give you options for selling your wines to us.

Consolidated Shipments to Singapore

Singapore wine lovers, you have our attention. We organize promotions just for you in the Lion City and prepare consolidated shipments to your door.

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