Perliss Vineyard


Back in April we held a preview tasting of a newly discovered winery in the northernmost end of Napa Valley, Perliss Vineyards. Introduced to us by a friend and client of G+C, we were very excited to present these wines for the first time in Hong Kong. Perliss Vineyards has been quietly building a loyal following in the US amongst collectors and a handful of top restaurants across the country. Anthony Perliss is a man dedicated to his pursuit of making something special with his small but blessed piece of terroir in the Northern Napa Valley.   When we say small, we mean that his wines are limited to less than 1000 bottles per cuvee and sold almost exclusively by mailing list.


Shaded by Mount St Helena which adds to the picturesque backdrop of the vineyard, they are 100% organic and naturally managed, with ladybugs the only pesticides you will ever find. Adding to this naturalistic environment are clay amphorae which is the choice of vessel to age some of their wines, allowing good aeration of the wines without additional tannins and wood flavors that can often be found in wines that spend too much time in oak.  


Following great feedback from those who attend our tasting that evening, we are delighted to now be able to finally offer this small allocation to you. Due to the overall production limits of Perliss, the wines we have available are extremely limited but not to be missed if you are a fan of restrained Napa wines!