Mike Tse
Wine Buyer
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SMichael Tse joins the Staff Pick's roster as our Wine Buyer. A keen wine lover he joins our team as the youngest member. Where Mike lacks in age, he makes up for it with enthusiasm and an active pursuit in constantly learning. He's already shown us that his intellectual pursuit of wine will be a big asset to our team.

Mike's Picks - A great selection from G+C's newest team member  

As a newcomer to the company, I would like to share some labels that I really like from our list.

We can first start with a Bordeaux second wine, which is La Nature de Dufort-Vivens 2018, the second wine of the famous Château Dufort-Vivens. What is special about this wine is that it was made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and the wine was made sulphur free. What comes next is the well-known Burgundy from Meo Camuzet, I really appreciate how the winery is integrating a moderate proportion of new oak, yet producing a very balanced fruit & oak character in their wines. Meanwhile, the Glantenay Volnay village is very fruit-friendly and easy-going. A bit dangerous, as I can easily chug a bottle of it due to how approachable it is.We then move to some bubbles, obviously Champagne. Pierre Peters is definitely one of my favorite grower champagnes who creates champagne that’s not overtly oxidative but very mineral & terroir-focused. Outside France in other old-world countries, I picked Keller from Rheinhessen, Germany as my staff pick wine. Keller had quite a lot of success on his GG single vineyard dry Riesling and no doubt my favorite is the G Max Riesling.

Last but not least, I picked two new-world wines from The United States, both of them are also our agency wine. What comes first is the Eyrie Vineyards Chardonnay, which reminds me a lot about a Chassagne Montrachet Chardonnay from Burgundy. The wine was not like any other US Chardonnay that’s overtly oaked or “being made”; it's very pure. The Cayuse Grenache was more of a recent discovery for me after I joined G+C and I was impressed by how delicious the wine is already right now. Full of primary dark-fruited flavor like berry, plum, but also with a good touch of secondary oak flavor like cinnamon. It also has a bit of tertiary flavor profile like leather and toffee. Yum!

I hope you will enjoy my picks & join me in trying them.


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