Jay's Picks


Dear Friends,

As an owner of the business, it is no surprise I get to taste some of the best (and most expensive) wines in the world. While that is always a thrilling experience the thing that I really love is hunting down wines that I think are great value and challenge the misconception that a good wine costs a lot of money. At home, Mandy and I tend to drink wines that are much more modestly priced. So, with this in mind I thought a good place to start with for “Jay’s Picks” would be a handful of wines that I am enjoying now that are priced under $500/btl.

You will notice that most of these wines are relatively quite young.  Another misconception we have been challenging is that wines must be significantly aged to really enjoy. I personally feel that there is never a bad age to drink a wine so long as it’s a good condition bottle. Watching a wine evolve from primary fruit to tertiary profile is one of the best ways to really understand and appreciate a wine. With young wines the way you prepare and serve the wine can make the difference between a good experience and a great experience, so I have made some comments on serving suggestions in my notes below. Cheers and I hope you enjoy these wines as much as we do!" 

Cheers and happy hunting! 

Jay Ginsberg