Discover Bordeaux, the pinnacle of wine excellence! Nestled in southwest France, this enchanting region captivates with its exceptional wines and breathtaking landscapes. With over 60 appellations and 7,000 châteaux, Bordeaux offers unparalleled diversity and quality. Picture-perfect vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, while historic estates blend tradition and innovation in both viticulture and vinification. 

This region has seen a rapid transformation in vine material selection, vineyard management and cellar practices in order to produce better quality wines overall. The first growth producers have led this movement with cover crop management to increase soil health, lowered extraction and toasting levels of oak barrels in the cellar in the aim of more finesse and elegant styles of wines that are also approachable earlier. 

With the depth of our cellar, we are delighted to offer you our list of different vertical left bank first growths like Lafite & Haut Brion, or even some right bank nobles like Cheval Blanc & Angelus. A bit bored with these historical Chateaux? We got you as well with the rare Liber Pater Denarius… Enjoy hunting!