The rolling sun-kissed hills of Burgundy are where some of the most revered Pinot Noir and Chardonnay reign supreme. Its captivating allure has attracted collectors both in Asia and around the globe to this region, with its growth fueled by the emergence of new winemakers who frequently receive resounding acclaim from esteemed critics.

Burgundy is renowned for its meticulously divided vineyards, a patchwork of minute parcels tended by countless vignerons, and it is within these tiny allocations that the true treasures of Burgundy lie. 

As specialists of this region, we take great pride in curating lists that showcase not only the venerable domaines that have acquired a legendary status among collectors—think Romanee Conti, Domaine Leroy, d’Auvenay, Comte Liger-Belair, Armand Rousseau, and Coche-Dury—but also the promising new growers who ignite our excitement. In fact, we are delighted to represent some of these rising stars directly, forging connections with exceptional talents like Nicolas Morin, Dupont Fahn, Jane Eyre, and Mark Haisma