Peyre Rose Coteaux du Languedoc Clos des Cistes 2005


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A stellar domaine from the Languedoc! I almost developed a crush on Marlene Soria after trying out her wines for the first time - these are wines with longevity and vivacity as Marlene devotes an immense effort to reflect the true terroir of the Languedoc with organic practices, a non-interventionalist approach, long fermentations and a minimum of 10 years of elevage. As such, her wines are released sporadically only in years she considers is right. Take this 2005 for example, it wasn't released until 2014. This is an ascended Languedoc and you will be amazed by its potential!

The Clos des Cistes is dominated by Syrah with just a handful of Grenache (10%). It shows a powerful array of berry notes, cassis, tea and a touch of Asian spices. It is the impeccable balance that surprised me the most as well as its drinkability!

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