Dear Singaporean Wine Lovers,

Take advantage of our Singapore Consolidated Shipments program!  Once every few months, we send out a special offer to our program members.  After putting in your order, we organise the delivery of your wines to you fully temperature-controlled, by air-freight, from door to door to ensure the quality of your wines will remain in top condition from the moment it leaves our warehouse in Hong Kong to its brief stay in customs and of course when it is en-route to you.

This is a great opportunity to buy some wines which may not be locally available in Singapore. From the old and rare wines to some younger and newer names you may not be as familiar with.  We are, as always, available to make some recommendations or answer any questions you may have. 

Step 1: Register Interest

Contact your Relationship Manager, email us at or whatsapp us at +852 9080-3095. We will notify you when we have our next shipment date. 

Step 2: Shop our Collection

Shop our current wine list, and let your Relationship Manager know that you'd like to hold the wines in storage. Keep in mind the minimum quantity for shipping is 24 bottles of wine or 2 standard cases.

Step 3: We Consolidate & Ship

Once the shipment is organised, we will contact you with the details and shipping costs, as well as offer the chance to add any additional wines. We then consolidate the orders and ship to your address. The price will include door-to-door shipping to one local Singapore address.