Sauternes & Barsac Map - Folded First Ed



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A unique opportunity to raise your knowledge of this great French viticultural region to a superior level.



a detailed, vineyard by vineyard map of the Sauternes and Barsac appellations, showing ? in color ? the vineyards of the individual Ch?teaux



- maps of the Crus Class?s 1855, including all of the Premier crus, and, in particular:?
- maps of the estates as entire units?
- maps of the estates varietal composition

- fact sheets of the individual classified Crus, including:

- reliable google coordinates for the individual classified Crus?
- vineyard surface?
- wines produced?
- varietal percentages in the estate vineyards bottles produced?
- information for contacts



Size: ?21?29,7? (A4 ? folded)??

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