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Burgundy Map Set - Cote de Nuits & Cote de Beaune (2 rolled maps)



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Jacques MICHOT
Educated as a designer, a printer and a photo-engraver, Jacques Michot is fond of arts. His many artistic qualities are to find their expression in his passion: he has an eye for the best choice of colours, always seeking out the beautiful and exceptional, the skills necessary to touch up his negatives, and an alert mind, always looking for the techniques best suited to each situation. Last but not least, he has the perseverance to work his art tirelessly.
After many years working as a technical consultant, printer and photo-engraver in the publishing industry and just before retiring, he founded ?SEPIA Art & Cartographie? with his wife L?one and a few friends to specialize in fine book printing.

Sylvain PITIOT
Educated as a topography engineer, he turned into wine growing after grape-harvesting in Meursault, where he met his wife Val?rie Poupon.
Successively vine grower of the Hospices de Beaune Domaine, then vineyard manager, consultant, teacher and manager of various Domaines, he is since 1996 manager of a ?Grand Cru? Domaine in the C?te de Nuits.
In order to improve his knowledge of the Burgundy great vineyards, he started in 1978 a detailed cartography of the ?Climats? (parcels of vineyard) and ?Lieux-dits? (place names) of the C?te de Beaune and the C?te de Nuits.

Manager of his wife?s Domaine in Meursault, to start with, then wine merchant in Beaune, Pierre Poupon devoted his entire life to reading and writing, according to the latin precept: ?Nulla dies sine linea? (no day without a line)
In a very clear and precise style, with sensitivity, he used his knowledge of the soils and his passion for wine tasting to present Burgundy wines as artistic and cultural items.
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