The Best of Bonnes Mares


Sometimes known as the "dark side" of Chambolle-Musigny, the Grand Cru of Bonnes-Mares is a vineyard that stylistically resembles a hybrid of both Morey and Chambolle, which considering a small 1.5 hectare parcel from this site overlaps into Morey's appellation, should hardly be surprising. Whether the wines display the floral elegance of a Morey or the plump, rounded, juiciness of a Chambolle, they often share one thing in common - structure. And it is this robust, bolder structure compared to other sites that lends the wines of Bonnes-Mares such great ageing potential in this large site where 30 producers make wines here. 

Our collection below houses some of the best names in this appellation, ranging from Comte Georges de Vogue, Drouhin-Laroze, Dujac, Fourrier, Groffier and of course Georges Roumier who has always been known for their floral, expressive, and mineral Bonnes Mares that stands the test of time.

Cheers and happy hunting!